Some WarningZ Philosophy…Or..Why everything needs a ‘Time’!

All tasks and events need prioritising. Success in life is ‘Getting Things Done’ at the ‘Right time’! First you have to recognise that something needs doing; and then you most probably need to record it. Then you need to prioritize and then ‘Get Things Done’  (GTD) before you are overtaken by time. The simplest GTD is the paper list. And there have been many attempts to improve on the humble written list over the years – the ultimate being the 90’s Filofax. With the coming of PDA in the 00’s most software developers simply created an electronic version of the original paper list. You record the task; you prioritise it; you ‘Get It Done’ and you update your list.

WarningZ is the first ‘App’ since the coming of the PDA that changes the cycle. We can’t help you recognise a task although browsing our Templates might give you a good idea of the range of tasks WarningZ can look after. We can, however, help you prioritise your tasks. 99% of tasks have a deadline! Even those ‘nice to do’ items have a shelf life. So the first stage to prioritisation is to give everything an expiry date. Even if it is ringing your friend for a chat you should decide when you would ‘like’ to do it by. Then allocate an amount of time to complete the task before the deadline. Then, if you need to prepare before starting the task, allocate an amount of time for preparation. This will give you a timeline leading up to the task deadline. WarningZ then overlays those timelines and shows you clearly which task you need to concentrate on.

WarningZ then lets you ‘Get Things Done’ by letting you link to all the resources you need to get it done.  To ring a friend – add the number to the WarnZ – don’t go hunting for it in your contacts.  To renew an insurance – add the website and the previous insurance documents – have it all to hand when you go to the website.   To submit an academic paper on time – add the email and link to the document in the cloud……….WarningZ will create the email and add the document to it for you when it’s time to submit.

Think of WarningZ as a file cabinet of information where the information you need is always at the front of the top drawer.  No hunting through wondering what you filed the information under.  And when you completed the task WarnZ will safely file the information away until you need it again.  Even if the task doesn’t repeat you can simply archive the information in the bottom draw just in case!

And for those of you (Clear Users) who just can’t give a deadline to a task then you can still create a WarnZ without adding a date – and manually decide where to place it in the column.  But that’s a lesson for another day.  And a bit luddite!

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